ZRX1200 Carburators


ZRX1200 Carburators

This is a discussion on ZRX1200 Carburators within the ZRX Land forums, part of the Other Bikes category; Hello I am new here and I am grateful that this resources are available to gather and share information and knowledge. Hello I am a ...

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    ZRX1200 Carburators

    Hello I am new here and I am grateful that this resources are available to gather and share information and knowledge.
    Hello I am a KZ guy and I am trying to get a fellow friend to revive his bike, a ZRX1200 he said the bike was great and that he stop using it for 4 month and the the bike would not start so he Took the carbs out and he said he put everything new but the bike did not fire for some reason he opened some square windows on the side of the filter to let more air in,he realized that was not the problem and closed that with some glue and piece of **** meta. very ugly.
    Then he took the bike to this motorcycle shop where they told him that the carbs were cracked and leaking gas so they did not fix it for 4 months he called them and they said they could not fix it and they were going to start charging him parking fee.
    So when he told me I went there and manage to recover the bike as I suspected they were full of ____.
    I got the bike home and they swap all the coil cables. and disconnected all the electric in the bike so I put everything back in place put a bottle of gas on the carbs and the bike fired. all 4 cylinders are running. But the carbs are leaking and the carbs are not running as it should its blurpi if I can express it like that.
    I am planing to take them down tomorrow to check them out but the owner its telling me that he wants to get bigger and better carburetors so this is where the big question comes.
    What kind of system it uses it looks to me some kind of hybrid system with computer.
    What venturi size would be the most appropiated for it? It has a 4into 1 full system.
    Can I use Mikunis Flat side carburetors on it ?
    Do I have to bypass the electronics somehow.
    Basically I need to know everything that has to be done in order to put bigger carb system that its not that expensive If Mikunis Flatsides can be fitted would be a better option than FCR Carbs Those are extremely expensive.
    I see a lot of people reading the thread and no responses am I in the right place? At least the moderators should say something about this.
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    I think you will get a much better response by trying the ZRX website at ZRXOA.org.
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