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What I have for sale or trade:
From Kawasaki Z1000- first gen. (and probable more.) Upper and lower triple clamps/steering stem/bar risers. Great shape, a few scratches but no damage. Includes bearings. $150.00 +shipping
From Kawasaki ZX-10R first gen. (04/05.) Rear Rim, black. Some scratches but just back from machinist and checks out straight and true. Includes bearings. $175.00 + shipping
From Kawasaki ZX-10R second gen. (will fit 04 thru 07.) Rear Rim, bronze. Immaculate condition Includes bearings, cush drive, and like new rear sprocket. $225.00 + shipping
If interested please query for pictures or with offers.
What I need:
17” Rear rim for a single sided swingarm. Any VFR 800 or any Triumph of newer vintage. (Will verify dimensions first.) Condition of rim negotiable.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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