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There could be a few things at play here.

You may have a float that is not shutting the fuel off when the bowl is full which is what is causing the overflow. It could be a bad rubber tip on the float needle of a bad float. As for them getting "heavy" I've seen them get a hole and fill with gas, so they sink and keep the needle open.

It's also possible (but unlikely) that the brass insert in the carb where the float bowl needle sits is damaged. If it is damaged there's no real repair for that. I've only seen that once on here and is very very uncommon.

Next would be does this happen with the bike is running or off? If the bike is off, and the fuel petcock is not on PRIME then you also have a petcock issue. The petcock is vacuum operated and should not pass gas unless the bike is running or it's in the PRIME position.

If you had an overflow issue and filled the airbox with gas you may also have gas in the engine oil case as well as the airbox oil drain bottle located behind the right foot peg mount.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts