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I am posting this for Hankster,

I have owned a 1984 Honda CB700SC since 1993 and have
thoroughly enjoyed it. Lately though I have been
thinking of getting a new bike and the ZR-7S has
caught my eye. I noticed that a couple of members of
this forum own (or have owned in the past) both bikes.
I was wondering if those members who are familiar
with both bikes might offer their observations on how
they compare. I am not looking to go faster, just
more comfortably and with greater confidence. From
what I have read so far, I note these differences:

The kawi has better brakes, suspension and rubber,
i.e. radial tires, and therefore handles better. It
has a more useful fairing, which I regard as a big
plus, and a flatter power curve. My Honda doesn't
start making any serious power until you get well
above 6,000 rpm.

The Honda probably has a little better top end, but
this may not be noticeable in the real world. It
does, however, have shaft drive with relatively little
shaft effect, which combined with the hydraulic valves
makes it virtually maintenance free. Lastly, it
offers a six speed transmission, which makes it a
surprisingly pleasant tourer, apart from the wind

Thanks in advance.

Honda '84 CB700SC

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I did a comparison between the '00 750 Nighthawk and the '00 ZR-7 and there were alot of similarities. The main sellers for me were the brakes (rear drum on the Honda) and the centerstand (it's an option on the Honda). The ZR is a lot more sporty looking (real important as one enters his late 30's) and it comes in something other than black. The after market list for both bikes is about the same, but I think that Kawasaki has a slight edge. The Honda does have hydraulic valves. That's a plus and a minus (Don't have to adjust them/one more thing to go wrong). In my opinion (just mine), they are the bikes that are in the same class at that time. Now you can add the Suzuki 600 Bandit to that list since they are now faired (mine wasn't stock).

Hope that helps you. FWIW, I was a die hard Honda rider. This is my first Kawasaki and I am vey pleased with it. I have over 15,400 miles and it is showing no signs of giving up the ghost any time soon. It is my daily transportation (60 miles/ day) and at least once a month it goes out for a day ride through the mountains. :cool:
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