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All, I have been speaking with a company called Sargent Cycle about developing a template (Premium Foam Upgrade) for the ZR-7. This company is a smaller market company than Corbin but make a very nice product. The difference being that they cannot justify the tooling to make an off the shelf seat for the ZR-7. They are interested, however, in creating a model so when a seat is sent in that could quickly provide a standard offering reshape/foam upgrade (or they can also customize your seat) to the ZR-7 seat. This company did not ask me to take this poll. Their site, www.sargentcycle.com if you wanted to look at their stuff.

Was hoping to get some input from any/all ZR-7 riders that have ever used the stock seat via a poll on this site. No, I don't work for them, not related, never met the folks. And I cleared this with Jarel a few days back (otherwise this could be my last post).

If you could answer in the form of 1-a, 2-c, 3-e, 4-b, 5-a, 6-d it would be a big plus. Thanks, Berto

1) Is the seat...
a) too hard____b) slightly hard____c)just about right____d) slightly soft____e) too soft

2) Is the seat....
a) too high____b) a little bit high____c) just right____d) a little bit low____e) too low

3) Is the seat...
a) too far pitched forward____b) slightly pitched forward____c) good as it is____d) slighty pushed back____e) too far slanted back

4) Is the seat
a) really narrow____b) a little narrow____c) perfect width____d) a little wide____e) far too wide

5) The rise behind the Rider, is it...
a) too far back____b) slightly back____c) just right____d) slightly forward____e) too far forward

6) Would I pay more to have the passenger seat upgraded?
a) Absolutely, must have it____b) Would be willing to pay for the convenience____c) Doesn't matter____d) No, I never carry a passenger

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Berto, I was checking their site out the other day but using their price guide and doing to the seat what corbin was doing cost waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy to much.

$70 - Base price charge for labor and std. black vinyl cover
$150 - Super Cell Foam, widen and dish front
$50 - Super Cell, scallop rear
$25 - Move rise
$125 - leather inserts, front/rear
$20 - round trip shipping
$440 = Total

Plus this way you can't go back to the stock seat at resale. Getting a whole new seat (minus brackets) from Corbin is one of their good points.

I am sure they can work the dollars to make a better deal. But if I am not gaining a second seat out of that price, then I feel it should certainly be cheaper than Corbin.

Just my thoughts. I will look forward to seeing what kind of deal you come up with.

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1.c 2.b 3.b 4.c 5.b 6.c

I kind of liked the stock seat. It let me feel like I was riding a sport bike. I like my Corbin too, much more comfortable, but it sits you in one place, very different. I wish the Corbin didn't have that huge pocket in it. That's how they got rid of the slide forward problem. I wish it was flatter, like the stock. Was this not possible for them to do? I've seen the saddles for other similar Kawi's. They did it on those models. Why does our's have to look like grandpa's easy chair?


Well, the Corbin does look custom, at least, if not sporty. And it is like riding in an easy chair, if not a sport bike. Best of both worlds, no. Lesser of two evils, yes.

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From what I've read and heard, Sargent has a GREAT reputation with the long-haul crowd, as does Russell. Corbin comes in third (I've got the Corbin). Yes, Corbin is cheaper, but I believe Sargent allows more individual specifications concerning your saddle's dimensions & fit. Both Sargent and Corbin saddles are firmer than stock, but I think the Corbin is the hardest of the two and takes a couple thousand miles to really be broken in.

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i already have a corbin but here are my votes:
1) E
2) C
3) A
4) C
5) C
6) A

i've read some reviews of seargent and people dig them from what i can tell. they do seem to offer more of a 'whatever you want' type of service as opposed to corbin's 'we know what's best'. also less elitist. they work with stock seats and pans as opposed to corbin who says they're useless, mostly because they won't hold up for use with corbin's dense foam. i think there should be room for both schools of thought here. some people (like myself) really dig the corbin. but small mods to the stock seat should be an option, as should moreo options.

i've already got a corbin. if you'd like, i could volunteer my seat to them as a test bench. i'd be happy to send it around to a few of the regulars on the board when it's done (each person pays shipping to the next) so we can get some opinions, as long as i get it back at the end. i'd like to include some folks who have a corbin and some who don't.

of course, i don't want to cut in on anyone who's only got a stock seat and is willing to be the guinea pig if there's a free seat up for grabs. in that case, i'd be willing to lend that person mine while their seat is in the shop so they dont' have downtime. it could be a while if they're anything like corbin. i'd gladly accept a test ride on the new seat as payment :) you started this berto so i'll let you decide.

if you don't want mine then i'm going to go hack it up myself. i've been too sick to ride in the cooler weather so i need projects to keep my occupied :)

scott :)

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Appreciate the feedback. I might be taking you up on the offer to test this out in some form or another. My objective was to have them create a nice seat for the ZR-7, not to get a free seat from these folks - I had a Sargent 2-piece seat on my VFR800 and know they make a great seat, especially those 300 mile plus days. I'll email you off-line and see if we can work something out. Berto
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