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Zero Gravity Windscreen Photos

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Well, I finally got to see and test the prototype Zero Gravity windscreens for the 7S. They have two styles, the sport touring model and the double bubble.

I tried the double bubble first and unfortunately I had to test it on the freeway with a lot of turbulence from other cars and crosswinds, so I didn't really get a good idea of how much difference it made. My thoughts are that it raised the wind a couple of inches and cut down on the buffeting. Not a huge difference though. Glenn said that he was going to make another one a couple of inches taller and I should get to test that one next week some time. The double bubble looks great though! I think it made my bike look more sporty.

Then I tried the sport touring model. This one is much higher and puts the wind about 4-5 inches higher than normal. This one didn't seem to cut the buffeting like the double bubble did, but like I said it was hard to tell riding on the freeway with all the crosswinds I was experiencing. Overall, much better than the stock screen though. I didn't like the looks of this one as much, but it still looks good.

If you want to see pictures of these two, go to the link below.


I'll let you know after I test the new double bubble. Only this time I will take it on some different roads.

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Zero Gravity

Did you get an estimate on availability? I'd love to get the
Sport-Touring ASAP.

I think it looks pretty good.
Thanks. I happen to like the looks of the Sport-Touring model. The prototype is even tinted the way I would buy it.

I hope they manage to make it available soon. Did you tell Glenn that you were posting the photos?
3 more weeks - again

3 weeks ago I called Zero Gravity to get a status on windshields. I was told to call in 2 weeks. I gave them an extra week and called today......

3 more weeks!:yell:

This is pathetic. Does anyone know of any other vendors?
Re: Still waiting

loves2flylow said:
I emailed Zero Gravity for an update 5 days ago and am still awaiting a response. :yell: I would really like to find some more information about the screens availabilty.
Good Luck. The people who can't handle Corbin's customer-centric policies apparently go to Zero-Gravity. :laugh:

Last word was 2 weeks from now....


I HATE it when people call and ask me to take their money. :yell:

(That isn't aimed at you canyondog.) I would think that the proper reaction to people calling and asking would be expeditious processing of the part. I haven't called them for 5 weeks, because I got tired of being told "just 3 more weeks" over and over again. I'll spend the $70 on something else.
1 - 5 of 36 Posts
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