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Would you buy a bike with LO miles but SAT

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:ithank:I'd appreciate your thoughts on the pricing. I'm in So. Cal and I let this bike sit a few years. But...not before I put the low number of miles -- of 2,461.

Now, it is listed on ebay, craigslist, motorcycle trader for $3,200 buy it now.

I had the tank removed by a mechanic who did the following:
+de fueled and de rusted,
+ new-to-me fuel pump and sending unit replaced w/ a new gasket for the sending unit.
+ New battery.

Everything is stock.

+ The bike will get a new chain and
+ chain cover/ sprocket (housing) this week.

+ tires -- The back tire is original but the front is one year newer than that.
+ The fuel cover is scratched after a spell of "not being able to open the tank"-itis. LOL. So the gas tank cover shows scratching but it has been cleaned, I put new metal screws in there after disassembling the latch, and it opens just fine with the key. It's not as "spring loaded" as the original.

So, for a well-running bike with low-miles, BUT has sat on a driveway. I am a girl that didn't have time/ didn't know what to do with it at this point in time and time lapsed.

What is it worth?
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Thats about what I payed for mine 3-4 years back with 1700 miles. From what I've seen around craigslist they usually run $2400-3000. The downfall of the bike is though it has a lot of potential with the right mods and upgrades... stock it rides rough. The seat was horribly uncomfortable and the suspension couldn't be adjusted much if at all. For a lighter rider the suspension probably isn't as big of an issue but the seat still sucks.
All the best in selling.

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