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z750 stuff for sale/trade

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z750 stuff for sale/trade 100 dallars plus shipping for All

I have all the leftovers from my 636 upgrade..forks.they are bent but repairable I suppose. Wheel..bent,lol..repairable I gueese..brake calipers . Rotors..good barely used. Triples upper and lower..and a z1000 upper triple..its an 03. Lets see what else..oh a front fender black. A lil scuffed not cracked. Im open to all offers if anyones interestd. Ive seen this stuff on ebay for what I thought was rediculous prices so maybe if ur handy at fleabay u can make some money I dont know..thanx.
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Sorry Wes, no "offers". If you want to sell your items, you gotta post prices.
Zx14 rotors...100 dollars u pay shipping FOR ALL
1 - 3 of 3 Posts