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z1000 not starting

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I have a z1000 03 that is not starting. The lights turn on but the bike doesn't start when press the starter button... Can anyone give me an idea as to what I can check? I changed the battery and it's not that. Plus all the lights turn on. Thanks
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I am sure you checked this early on, but is the kill switch clicked off, all the way? Not trying to start without the clutch in and not in neutral, or with the kickstand down and not in neutral or clutch in? Other than that, you may have a starter problem. Have you had hard starts lately? Could be ignition switch. Are you getting any noises when you try to start it? Clicks, or anything?
Start with the switch not the key but that little red job on the right handlebar.
next check your kickstand cutout see if the wire has been cut or frayed. next check your fues's and also check your Batt make sure its got a good charge or it wont have enough juice to turn over the bike.

what is it doing when you press the start button do the lights dim? if so it could be your battery.

make sure your bike is in nuetral.
key on
red switch on
hit your fire button listn for any noises, clicty clickty clickty. when you turn your key on do you hear your fuel pump kick on? Need more info.
Yeah no clicks no nothing when I try to start it. The lights stay on...there is no light dimming or anything. I did notice that the fuel pump sound that happens when it turns on sometimes occurs and sometimes it doesn't. Sorry guys Im kinda new at the whole bike fixing thing. Anyway I checked the battery and its charged. is there any way to check the starter to see if its that?? and where is the kickstand cutoff cable located at?? thanks again guys!!
Check the fuses as well, sidestand switch is the box near the stand, reknowned for messing on most bikes
Yeap, if its not doing anything at all it is kickstand switch, red switch, or fuse. Or you may try tapping on the starter.
where is the starter??? and what can i do to these switches to test them??? thnx!!!by the way the fuses r fine so its either switches or starter
titopapo said:
where is the starter??? and what can i do to these switches to test them??? thnx!!!by the way the fuses r fine so its either switches or starter
The starter is the cylinder shaped thing when you look at the left side of the engine just behind the cylinder block, will be a different colour tot he rest of the engine and no doubt has a sticker on it. If you pop into the thread callled decal for the starter youll see where it is. On the fuses side just check the main 30amp fuse which is near the battery(i think) as its seperate form the main fuse box. As for testing switches, you cant really but can take them apart and check for chaffed/damaged/loose wires

You can test the switches, just need a voltmeter. Under normal circumstances a voltage will be at the starter before pressing the switch, and the same voltage will appear at the starter switch "outlet" after pressing the switch.

If the starter motor is not turning then you should be hearing the familiar click of the solenoid. if not then the problem is in the low current control ciruit ie from the fuse to the starter to the solenoid via the various safety and cut out switches. Reading the above posts, it appears as though the problem is in the "control" circuit.

[email protected], ava good day

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One way to test your starter is to run a wire from the positive post on the battery to the post on the starter. The bike doesn't have to be turned on make sure it's in neutral. I've done this using a volt/ohm meter lead.
.....if he did, .......has kept it a secret for 17 years
man i have the same problem no. But it's weird cuz my instrument cluster restarts after I try and start it. Starter isn't activating.
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