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Hi all, I'm curious what kind of insurance premiums others are paying...

I am 30, married, and have been licensed since 16. I pay $83/month, $996/year (incl. taxes) for my 2003 Z1000 with AVIVA general traders.

clean driving record
no collision coverage
comprehensive (fire and theft coverage basically)
personal liability and property damage (standard offer, I forget how much it covers)
$2,ooo,ooo liabilty
$1000 deductable
multi-policy discount (house and 2 cars with them as well)
loyalty discount
trade union discount

I have shopped around quite a bit and over the years (bought this bike since '07) I have been quoted anywhere from $750 to $8,000 per yer (NO JOKE!) for the same coverage. Anybody else have any leads for good rates in Ontario Canada? I used to pay less but just last year they reclassified the bike as SPORT and that means a 30% premium increase! I have tried State Farm, RBC, TD, Jevco, Allstate, Primmum, Kingsway, etc. Some of those may not even exist anymore... and some other big name companies won't even do bikes.

How much do you folks pay in the States just out of curiosity, I wonder if its like many other things that are half the price or less in the U.S. compared to costs here in Canada...
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