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wtf i can't open my gas tank anymore!

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i can put the key in the hole but it doesn't friggin turn!
there's some kinda white powder building up the hole, which seems to be some kind of corrosion. it slowly happened, last time i gas'ed up i opened it but it was bit rough, and now i can't turn the key!.. i can't force too much either because the key tends to bend.

so is there any chemical or something that can reverse this corrosion? or should i just try WD40?
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Strange ?? had a buddy have the same issue. To this day it's still not open !!!!
I'm starting to see what appears to be corrosion forming as well. I haven't had any problems opening it yet though.
I would suggest using some sort of penetrating oil. Most likely the corrosion has caused the tumblers to stick (just stating the obvious). Since you can insert the key, the most likely scenario is that one or more tumblers is stuck too far into the lock cylinder. As the key is inserted the tumblers have to move far enough for the tallest peak on the key to pass. Then there is a small spring that should move it back to it's corresponding notch in the key. With all the tumblers in contact with the key the lock should rotate freely. When the spring can not over come the friction due to corrosion the tumbler will not return against the key, and hence the lock will not rotate.

So you need to break down the corrosion to allow the spring to be able to move the tumbler. Sell if the tumbler is stuck you may need to physically break it loose. Some times this can be done simply adding lubricant an inserting, retracting an wiggling the key. Or you may need ti fashion a small pick that you can insert in the lock cylinder and actually push the tumbler back in by pushing against the tumbler on the side the key does not normally touch.

Good luck
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Speed, I had that happen on my 08' Z. Get the WD-40 with the nozzle already on it and spray a little down the key hole. Give it a few minutes and it should be fine. I know why mine did it. Keep the cover over the key hole closed when you wash the bike.
Tried the penetrator spray left in for abit to do its thing but still no budge. inserted the key, gave it some good twists but still didn't budge sad thing is my buds tank is almost empty. Last resort is taking it to the stealership :(
this happened to me a while back, I solved the problem with WD-40, although I have a brand new Kawi gas cap that I bought and never put on.
THis seems to be happening a LOT lately. I've read about his on several Kawi bikes - 650R, 250, 250R, and now a Z. Sometimes a little bit of spray will break it free, other times you need to do several applications, and let it sit between shots for a few minutes. Also, when you stick the key in, before you turn it, press down on the cap itself, so you do not have any resistance from where the latch contacts the tank.

I would say don't take it to the dealer, becuase they are either going to do what I just said, or tell you you need a new lock. Unless you left your bike out in the rain and ocean spray with salt water falling on it, then using lube should clear it up enough for you to get the cap open. Once it is, you should pop out the lock cylinder and clean / lube the heck out of it.
thanks guys i appreciate all the inputs!
makes me feel little better knowing i'm not the only one with this problem lol..

i'll try the WD40, hopefully it works... if not, is there any other chemicals that i can use that can possibly reverse the reaction and kinda wash off?
and yea, my fuel light is blinking, :(
need gass
hey lol it worked! should've tried before.
god i love this forum *thumbs up*

btw, how do i prevent from this happening again? i mean the keyhole cover is always closed, i never leave it open. but it still does this. my bike is always outside during the season rain or shine..
btw, how do i prevent from this happening again? i mean the keyhole cover is always closed, i never leave it open. but it still does this. my bike is always outside during the season rain or shine..
Getting a cover for your bike would help. You should also regularly (once a month or so) spray some lubricant into the keyhole and work it in by turning the key back and forth a few times. Maybe try that Dupont Teflon multi-use dry lubricant spray, since it doesn't attract dirt like liquid lubricants.
Not sure where you're at, but if you're in the states head to a Auto Zone (Discount Auto, whatever) and pick up a can of PB Blaster. It's a really good penetrating oil and it will work better and last longer than WD-40 (which is a water displacer, not really a penetrating oil). Put a little squirt in the key hole every couple of months and you should be fine.
thx guys, i'll look into that
Camride you beat me to it, PB Blaster is an awesome product, I use it all the time, will get corroded pieces unstuck and it should work with your problem. The next best thing is a blow torch, but I would not advise that with your situation. Hope you get that working otherwise youll have to resort to plan B
It's a known issue... ever hear your tank venting through the keyhole in the summer when the fuel heats up? It dries out any lubricant on the tumblers and then the condensation creates oxidation that caused them to seize up. I just put some graphite lube in the key hole a couple of times a year and work it in with the key. I haven't had an issue since the first time it locked up.
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Mine was getting hard to put the key into this summer so I just oiled it and the problem is gone. Pretty easy thing to deal with really, works real slick now.
another trick ive picked up, only if you must! is take something strong such as like a nail or something and stick it under where the release is and then pull up and it will pop it open, it will peel paint though doing this
To keep it from happening, occasionally blast the lock with a graphite lock Lube. Do it to your ignition as well.

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crc 556 in the green can will free it up even if stuck for years. just spray and wait 24 hours. works on seized rusted cylinder bores too.
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