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Wtb seat cowl 2006-2008 650r

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Hey I'm looking forward seat cowl for my bike. I see some online going for $258 and that's just a little too much. I think I also saw some pyramid ones going for like $120 or something but it comes unpainted. Was just wondering if anyone has one they would like to sell. Preferably in black but if it's a good price then any color and I can go repaint it.
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It's been over 4 yrs lol when will the price go down....
So I just bought the catalyst street tail for $230 shipped.. I think I will undergo the project and make my own seat etc. From what I've seen the outcome looks much better and it's probably only going to cost me $20 more because I would have had to paint the cowl anyways to match with my bike. BTW they have great customer service at that company. Shipped quick. Got it yesterday.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts