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Wtb seat cowl 2006-2008 650r

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Hey I'm looking forward seat cowl for my bike. I see some online going for $258 and that's just a little too much. I think I also saw some pyramid ones going for like $120 or something but it comes unpainted. Was just wondering if anyone has one they would like to sell. Preferably in black but if it's a good price then any color and I can go repaint it.
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yea i agree with you its ridiculous paying 260 for that seat cowl. It makes it the most expensive piece of plastic on the bike.

The OEM Cowling Center is cheaper at around 220.
It's been over 4 yrs lol when will the price go down....
ikr?^^ Its better to wait around, The resell on forums that ive seen is below 150.

There was the 07 red one for 100bucks (good condition), I called the guy but he sold it the day before. "you snooze you lose" i guess.
Pyramid Plastics Online Store

IF I had the money right now I would be buying this
too bulky for my taste. It reminds me of a busa, and i hate busa's.
So I just bought the catalyst street tail for $230 shipped.. I think I will undergo the project and make my own seat etc. From what I've seen the outcome looks much better and it's probably only going to cost me $20 more because I would have had to paint the cowl anyways to match with my bike. BTW they have great customer service at that company. Shipped quick. Got it yesterday.
ive always wanted the catalyst street tail, i would honestly buy that over the OEM seat cowl, but where the ladies going sit? Ive asked csforkey (or something lol) If i can have even a light wieght girl around 135lb on the back of the street tail and he said thiers no way it could support it.

If i ever see one for sale tho and the offer is nice ill deff buy one to slip it on, but then again it would be a huge hassle going back and forth from seats.
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