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wobble when no hands on the handlebar

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Noticed when I drive with no hands on the bars that after a couple seconds the front end starts to wobble, amplitude increases pretty quick. Grabbing the bars stops it immediately.

I acknowledge the easy solution is to not take my hands off the bars.

My question is, does this shimmy / wobble indicate something I should be repairing before it gets worse?

Bike has approx 3000 miles. Wobble stiil happens on smooth roads. Seems to do it regardless of speed, but I haven't tried at highway speed for obvious reasons.
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Check your tire pressure.
Check your tires for wear.
Check to make sure your steering head bearing is tight.
Check your wheel bearings.
Check the fluid level in your forks.

Hopefully it's one of the first two!
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Just make sure your tire is worn evenly. It'll look weird if it's wrong! You'll have to get the front tire off to check the wheel bearings, pretty much just feel if they move smoothly, you can use your hands. Steering head bearing is probably best looked at in the manual. What year is yours?
I'll go and check all the info you guys have posted and let you know.

Good luck! Do keep us posted.
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