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Interested in rack, how do we proceed?

Interested in your luggage rack, not sure how to proceed?
Meanie is gone, still have some things in the garage that need to find a home. I'm not going to try and peddle these for days on end, if you're interested don't drag your feet. I'll toss these in a few days if there is no interest, I really don't feel like spending too much effort on these, I'd just like someone to be able to use them instead of scrapping them. Reply to [email protected] please. If I'm out of line on pricing shoot me an offer.

Windshield. Was on the bike when I got it, offered great wind and rain protection, but I didn't like the look. It isn't new, has the typical very light scratches from use and a bug splat up near the top (no extra charge). It is about 25" tall and 20" or so wide. Mounting hardware all there. $75 plus UPS shipping from 60084.

Luggage rack. Was also on the bike when I bought it, was mounted in conjunction with bag brackets. The spacers used were ghetto fabulous so I pitched them... no hardware. Just the rack only. Decent condition, a couple light rust flecks that should come out with a minute or two with a piece of steel wool. $25 plus UPS shipping from 60084

Right side ONLY strut cover. This piece was allegedy a new bike take off. My left side cover was bent and replaced, so this one was not used. It is in great shape, very nearly perfect. A few VERY MINOR marks in the chrome on top. They don't show in the pics. $20 plus UPS shipping from 60084.

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