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The custom motorcycle helmets are eye-catching and versatile. However, you can paint the custom helmets, according to your own choice. It turns out that the different look of the helmet will fulfill your need. If you want to look for a custom helmet brand that has a good reputation on the market, you’re at the correct place.
However, we have popular brands that have a good quality ABS shell, DOT certification, and many other valuable features. Best of all, you will have the anti-scratch material that allows you to paint quickly. In our review, we have the seven best custom motorcycle helmets that are worth buying, have a look!

1. Laleo Custom Personality Half Helmet Vintage Style

Our top pick is the laleo custom personality helmet that has DOT and ECE certification. Also, you will have a classic flat visor that has durable quality. Plus, you will have a wide vision field. Other than that, it has anti-scratch material, and you can wear the laleo helmet for several hours.
Moreover, it has a sleek design. And you will have less wind noise with this helmet. Plus, the ABS shell of the laleo helmet is highly resistant, and you will have an adjustable strap of the chin. Also, you will have an attractive design that is quite useful.
Other than that, this helmet has a y-strap that you can adjust easily. Also, this helmet is compatible with applying stickers. And you can wear a laleo helmet in any season. Plus, you will not feel suffocated in it.
Lastly, this helmet will provide an excellent ventilation system.

Pros Cons
  • Moisture-wicking material No Such As
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Sleek design
  • DOT and ECE certification

2. Daytona Helmets Motorcycle Open Face Cruiser

Next, we have the Daytona open face motorcycle helmet that meets the safety standards. Also, you will be able to protect the head while riding fast. And you can paint the helmet in any design. Plus, the Daytona helmet is ideal for all head shapes. Also, it will provide a wide range of features at an affordable price.

Best of all, there are plenty of options available on the Daytona helmet. This open face helmet has a narrow chin strap, and you can sometimes feel uncomfortable with it.

Furthermore, the women might have stuck hair with the chin strap of the Daytona helmet. Plus, you will have a quick-release system that is convenient to use with gloves as well.

Lastly, this helmet comes with a warranty. So you can claim the company if there is any fault in the helmet. Also, you will be able to change the colors of the helmet. And paint the helmet with glitters and designs.

Pros Cons
  • The quality of the helmet is amazing Chinstrap is uncomfortable
  • DOT certification
  • Several colors available
  • Quick-release system
3. Scorpion Exo R710 Golden State Street Helmet

Next, we have the Scorpion Exo R710 golden state street helmet. And you will get a dual-density EPS liner with the scorpion helmet. Also, you will have several layers of EPS lining to enhance the comfort level.

More than that, the chin strap of the helmet has adjustable fitting. Also, you will have a trimatrix shell that doesn’t break easily.

However, the aero tuned technology makes the helmet ventilated. And you can comfortably wear the scorpion helmet in humid weather. The vents of the helmet are handy in the summer season. Also, you will have a clear shield with it.

As if that’s not enough, you will have 100 percent protection from the harmful sun rays. Plus, the scorpion helmet has a pin lock feature as well.

Further, you will have a fog-free view of the scorpion helmet.

Pros Cons
  • Pin lock No cons as such
  • Fog-free vision
  • 100 percent protection
  • 3 vents
4. HJC Marvel Unisex Adult-Face Punisher 2 Motorcycle HelmetHJC Marvel Unisex Adult-Face Punisher 2 Motorcycle Helmet

Next, we have the HJC marvel unisex adult-face Punisher motorcycle helmet. And this helmet is approved by the SNELL as well as DOT. Plus, you will have a lightweight shell material with comfortable fitting. And you will have a superior fitting.

Nevertheless, the CAD technology of the helmet makes marvel even worth buying. Plus, you will have a superior fitting with it. The marvels helmet has several sizes, from small to 3XL.

Best of all, you will be secure from the UV rays of the sun. Plus, the HJC helmet has anti-fog technology.

On top of that, the HJC marvels unisex helmet has the Quickfire shield at standby for convenient usage.

Pros Cons
  • Superb ventilation No cons as such
  • Durable material
  • CAD technology
5. HJC Unisex-Adult Face Pro Venom

HJC Unisex-Adult Face Pro Venom

Next, we have another helmet from the HJC that has a durable construction. And you will be safe with the hjc unisex helmet because Department approves it of transportation. No wonder, you will have a carbon fiber material that makes the helmet lightweight. Also, it has a lightweight shell to provide fantastic comfort while riding the bike.

But wait, let me tell you something hjc has the quick release technology for emergencies. However, you will have removable cheek pads with the hjc helmet.

More than that, the helmet has an EPS liner that is washable as well as removable. Plus, you will have an anti-fog racing shield. The 2D shield of the helmet has a wide eye-port as well.

Pros Cons
  • One-touch control No cons as such
  • 2D face shield
  • Dual locking system
  • EPS liner

6. LS2 Helmet Rapid Street Full Face HelmetLS2 Helmet Rapid Street Full Face Helmet

The LS2 helmet is quite expensive, but it offers the best protection. And you will have the best material with lightweight construction. You can wear the ls2 helmet for racing.

Best of all, it offers an aerodynamic shell and an excellent ventilation system. Also, the airflow of the helmet will keep the wearer fresh.

On top of that, the ls2 helmet has DOT certification, and you can easily find your size in the helmet.

Pros Cons
  • DOT certification Expensive helmet
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable helmet
  • Quick-release strap
7. Bell Street Isle Of Man Street Motorcycle HelmetBell Street Isle Of Man Street Motorcycle Helmet

Last but not least, we have the bell street isle of man motorcycle helmet that has an optically clear view. And the shell of the helmet has durable construction of fiberglass. Plus, you will have a wide view of all the angles.

However, the shell of the helmet will not break easily, and you will have a long-lasting helmet. Also, it has an optical viewport that makes the helmet unique.

No wonder, this helmet has speaker space inside the hood. Lastly, you can quickly fix the intercom system as well.

Pros Cons
  • Comes with a warranty of 5 years No cons as such
  • Speaker space
  • Snell and Department of transport certification

To Sum Up
After reviewing the custom motorcycle helmets, you surely have chosen one for yourself. But if you haven’t decided yet, we suggest our top pick that is Laleo Custom Personality Half Helmet Vintage Style. The eye-catching helmet has DOT and ECE certification that proves the durability of the helmet. However, this unique helmet is lightweight with an ABS shell.

Other than that, our runner up is the Daytona Helmets, Motorcycle Open Face Cruiser. This helmet is ideal for all head sizes, and you can cruise with it. Also, you will have an adjustable chin strap. The design of the Daytona helmet is quite attractive.

Hopefully, you find the best custom motorcycle helmets review helpful. Thank you for reading.


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