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what oil to use

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well, i am fast approaching the 1000 mile mark with my 7s amd i have been told that i only need to change the oil again for the next maintenance task. what oil do you guys recommend? i know that for my truck once i picked an oil, i stuck with it forever, is this a good practice with the kawa engine, too?
thanks for the advice!

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What is it again that is possibly un-safe with the use of full synthetic ? Is it just, don't use it too early, clutch problems ? I have 10000 on the clock now. I was going to change oil for the Winter. I'll start it once a month. I'll ride it once or twice till spring. Then, soon after, I'll change it again, April or May. Should I then use full synthetic ? I used semi-synthetic on second change. Found it just....expensive. Now I use Yamalube, 1040. At 10250, or there about, it'll be the fifth oil/filter change . I don't want to leave dirty oil in there over Winter. Then start er up with that dirty oil.

What do you folks think of magnetic drain plugs ? And , what about the synthetic question, the weight question ? This stuff is important, no ? Remember the Castrol ad ? Motor oil is the life blood of your engine.
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