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Welcome FZ1 Brethren

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Seeing the FZ1 is becoming another popular ride around Jarel has granted us our own little section of the board for the FZ1.

All hail Jarel!!!!

Chris :headbang: :headbang:
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Well, I'm here and have been for some time,... But just realized you created this section...

And here I am!
fade said:
plumber's crack free :killingme
:smashfrea :alcy: :killinme:

And I'll let Minx know it's here!
Heck, I didn't even realize he got ousted - I just learned to ignore his posts. Who has time for that moronic crap?
Silly - easy answers.. come over to the fz10a (fz1oa.com) and check out all of the info on the '06.. there's some help for the snatchy throttle with adjustment, and there is tuning/development in progress on fixing the throttle issue..

Enjoy the new ride!
Sillyfizz69 said:
well thanks for the tip but i registered on the site and its locking me out of every option the site has!! Ugh, whats up with that? experiencing technical difficulties maybe

That's odd - no problems over there now..
looks like i'ma be getting mine this friday most likely. a 2003 with only 1300 miles on the clock. gonna try for 4g's cash. test rode today and i was really impressed with the comfort level and the power! what a nice bike
I've been following your thread on the FZ1 board... Great deal, Enjoy it!
Hi there Fade!
He got great price.. We'd probbly buy a 3rd FZ1 id we stumbled on the deal he did. :headbang:
Just in here - you know we're active Vern!
1 - 9 of 73 Posts
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