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Welcome FZ1 Brethren

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Seeing the FZ1 is becoming another popular ride around Jarel has granted us our own little section of the board for the FZ1.

All hail Jarel!!!!

Chris :headbang: :headbang:
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MedZR7Treker said:
So, when's The Dude (a la Big Lewbowski) , aka "FADE" going to chime in here?? Someone go tell him.:D
I hav'nt seen that movie yet............so I cannot Identify........but I'm sure it has meaning.
Yes I have been riding with no time to post.........over 50 and I'm riding. Thats 50 degrees..........then again I'm over 50:thud:
OK .........I still polish my FZ ....once a day, when it's not in the wind.:headbang:
Tomorrow I will go to wally world to get the"Dude"...........but don't be yanking my chain:wedgie: .....or you won't get a hat.:D
MedZR7Treker said:
Just don't get caught up in my hilighted wormholes to other posts, and you'll be ok.:eek: :thud:
That's OK my life lately has been one big wormhole.....one more and I probably would'nt notice.:help:
buster said:
Hey fizzies,how about a little more action on this forum ? You asked for it,now use it !
Well I think I have it figured out why there's little traffic on the fizzyhead thread. Besides only being 3 of us here....counting PJFZ1 which he rarely shows up....the bike is solid with little problems. Seat nice and comfy.....windscreen just right....no broken frames.....seat cowl not flying off.....airbox is fine.......4into 1 already installed.....2 adjustable front forks....and if you don't screw with the carbs it's smooth with little vibes.:D Oh yeah we have a perty blue color no orange or green:Wow1:
Well you asked and I had time on my hands.:hah:
Chris Mundell said:

And now I stare down the barrel of another 10"+ snow storm :ripped:
Weeeeee doggies......t'was nice today in the 50's and yesterday in the high 50's....but I stayed under 120mph and smoked every vehicle that gave me the evil eye:laugh:
Just took some pictures on a dreary day ....... to make it all better:alcy:
Wahooooooooooo those are some serious pipes you have there.....I suspect a PCIII is installed also. I like the 06" and I don't like the 06'....It's basically a whole new bike instead of being updated. They split the seat up which looks good but you can bet it will be a butt burner.....and I doubt if any parts will interchange with older models. Right now I'm at about 130hp so I can't imagine 150hp being any better on low end and I where I live that much hp would be useless. :)
One more picture..........fat tire.....you want fat tire... :cool:
scott james said:
nice bike mr fade !!! love the color. like your tag too !!! scott

What this old license plate.......... :cool:
PJFZ1 said:
Well, I'm here and have been for some time,... But just realized you created this section...

And here I am!

Yes and it's plumber's crack free :killingme
......and don't forget to tell Minx about our little corner :cool:
fizz1 said:
i`m gonna miss plumber he was entertaining!!!!! :corner

Not as entertaining as say Triple X. :laugh: Yeah I went backand read some of his posts....what a frustrated dude. I believe it was his post about babes on bikes that got him ousted. Made a bad comment to Wardog.
Hey Mike......sounds like this guy got a cherry. A 03' with 1300 miles........it's brand new. That's a good find and I bet the price was right.:righton:
The generation 1 FZ1 is like the ZR-7S on steroids. Same riding position and view but the Yammy's suspension is fully adjustable.:D
1 - 13 of 73 Posts
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