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Welcome FZ1 Brethren

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Seeing the FZ1 is becoming another popular ride around Jarel has granted us our own little section of the board for the FZ1.

All hail Jarel!!!!

Chris :headbang: :headbang:
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buster said:
I will accept that from a Georgia boy,but what of those yankees ? There is no riding in the snow.
This is true... SNOW SUCKS!!!!

But for myself, I have had every spare minute of my life consumed by my work. And the end won't be even close until July.

Plus I spend quite a bit of time just reading everyone elses stuff doing the moderator thing. Not that this site is hard to moderate, but i do "try" to read all the new posts.

fade said:

Well I think I have it figured out why there's little traffic on the fizzyhead thread. Besides only being 3 of us here....counting PJFZ1 which he rarely shows up....the bike is solid with little problems. Seat nice and comfy.....windscreen just right....no broken frames.....seat cowl not flying off.....airbox is fine.......4into 1 already installed.....2 adjustable front forks....and if you don't screw with the carbs it's smooth with little vibes.:D Oh yeah we have a perty blue color no orange or green:Wow1:
Well you asked and I had time on my hands.:hah:
And now I stare down the barrel of another 10"+ snow storm :ripped:
Re: FZ6 Fizzy Glory

Maxxacceleratio said:
I'm a FZ6 owner! The bike is poppin' up everywhere.
If ya don't wanna share, I'll post anyhow. :yell:
BTW, why are my tires wearing out on the edges? :D
Little brother is here. :dance:
I like a lot of the FZ6's looks!!! Undertail and FI are great. Front farring could be a little more streamlined for my taste. But over all a very nice machine.

Very nice....

I've got the Micron high mount slip-on (blue to black fade effect) here in the box waiting my Huge Ind. undertail kits arrival. Hopefully I can get it all installed before the snow comes. :sadpace:
Maxxacceleratio said:
Waddaya think of the '06 FZ1? They sure hacked the rear tail and put on a way bogus pipe...
Other than that its looks like a good move forward, motor & handling wise.
I will contunue my FZ6 upgrades...
I like the 06 FZ1 as a whole, but that pipe would go bye bye pretty damn quick. I've heard from the people who saw it in person at the CA show that the seat is an absolute plank it's so hard. It also has a more "sport" riding position but bar risers would fix that.

I'm not going to run out and sell my 05 any time soon seeing State Farm just bought it for me in July after I wrecked the 03 I had. But I do like it!!! :righton:
fade said:
I like the 06" and I don't like the 06'....It's basically a whole new bike instead of being updated. They split the seat up which looks good but you can bet it will be a butt burner.....and I doubt if any parts will interchange with older models. Right now I'm at about 130hp so I can't imagine 150hp being any better on low end and I where I live that much hp would be useless. :)
That 150hp is at the crank, you're 130 is @ the rear wheel. I forget what the 01 - 05 FZ1's are rated at the crank.... but I think it's like 142hp. I'm sure it has a bit more at the rear than you now but not much. Plus.... there is a point where a few more ponies on the street is worthless. My stock 05 is like the hand of God pushing me down the road now at 7k rpms.... When I'm done with my mods it will be MORE than enough power than I will really ever need... (note the differance between NEED and WANT) :bat:
fizz1 said:
joined this forumfor the Z-1000 forum but if you have a fizzy forum that doubles my pleasure!!!!! :woot:
here`s a pic of my 03 bee
Welcome to the collective :D
PJFZ1 said:
Heck, I didn't even realize he got ousted - I just learned to ignore his posts. Who has time for that moronic crap?
No kidding....
I'm still around... though I've hardly posted in almost a year.

Good to hear from you Chris. Do you find tme to ride the FZ with all of your road biking?
Honestly no, I only put about 300 miles on the FZ1 last yesr. Given the weather conditions I require for both are almost exactly the same the road bike wins most of the time.

I'm thinking of selling the FZ1 this spring, I don't think it has more than 3500 miles on it yet. But I may keep it too, it's a hard decision for me really. I've got SO much into it, and I still REALLY love it... Just not enough time to do both.

That crash in 05 seemed to have taken my urge to ride for the most part.

What to do... :sadpace:

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