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Hey Guys,

I just picked up a salvage EX250 this saturday for my GF's first bike. :righton: She's got the itch and now its up to me to get this little putt putt back on the road for her. Its a Red 2010 EX250 and the parts I am looking for are:

Rear Sets (both break and clutch side. Including selector arm/rod)
Right side main fairing (red)
Chain (new or very low miles, no rust)
Clip ons (both sides)
Break Lever
Front Blinkers (both sides)

Thats all i can think of at the moment but if you guys have any of this stuff please help me out! Feel free to call/text/PM/email me!

Thanks Guys!


Email: [email protected]
Cell: 9734525611
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