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It all started when I was a child...........lol

i started with a 2000 superhawk that I purchased used with about 400 miles on it.
I put about 15,000 more miles in about 2 years.
Then I repainted it rode for a while then took it to work one day.
A person who works for the customer whos location I was at
came inside and asked "WHY IS YOUR MOTORCYCLE HORIZONTAL?"
I was like "what the hell is horizontal?"
So I went and looked it was on its side....soft asphalt....DOH!
Cracked tail section cracked fairing dented tank broken clutch lever.
Got it home that night and said THE HELL WITH THIS!
A bulb went off and here I am.

this is how i modded the rc51 swingarm.
the rc arm captures the linkage between two mounts
i cut the linkage and placed part of the linkage i had cut off.
once in place i welded it in.
then proceeded to cut off the original mounts.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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