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[Video Link] Noise from fuel pump when trying to cold (winter) start 2014 z1000

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Its a 2014 z1000. Bike has not been started for about 4 or 5 weeks. Its winter and I tried to cold start it this morning but it doesn't start and a strange sound like an electrical shorting is coming from the fuel pump box under the rider's seat (near the battery). Almost like a crackling and a whirring sound when I push the start button. Any idea what it could mean? I checked all the fuses. Tested the battery and it giving out ~11.4V (not perfect I know).

I've attached a video link but not sure if it will work on the forum. Thanks in advance.

Video that I took
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Thank you. Yes, indeed it was the battery. A recharge was able to fire up the motorcycle. Guess its time for a replacement battery. Thanks again
I cant pull up your video. The error said "video is still processing".

But we don't really need a video. At 11.4 v, you won't be starting a modern bike. That might be enough if your bike had kick start. Even then it's not much.

Even if you made it up to 12.4, you would still be low. At 11.4, I don't think I would even bother trying to charge the battery. That is so low it's dead .....I mean permanently dead.
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