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Very little info for Kaw 2002's

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Why is it Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha are proudly displaying 2002 models on their web sites, but Kawasaki barely talks about theirs? They've had the same blurb about the 2002 KX motocross bikes for ages on the home page.

Some other models do have 2002 information, but unless you check each model you wouldn't know it. And it seems most models are still 2001.

There's news about the ZZR1200 (which I think is beatiful) elsewhere, but can you get any from the Kaw web site? Nope. Same with the 636cc ZX-6R. In addition, everyone seems to know the new color for the ZR-7S in the States for 2002 but you get zip on the web site.

Seems to me the Kaw marketing people ought to be fired.

Just ranting, I guess, but I'd really like to see the 2002 ZR-7S and get more info on that ZZR1200.


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OK, apparently the Kaw marketing folks read my post from yesterday and, afraid of losing their jobs, got to work.

Today the site has been completely updated with their 2002 lineup!

Kawasaki is calling the ZR-7S's new color Metallic Blue Violet. From most pictures, it looks similar to the Candy Lightening Blue of 2000. But there are a couple of pictures where the light hits it just right and you can see a bit of purple. This may look pretty cool in person.

I do not see a single change that was otherwise made for 2002. They list the dry weight as 463 pounds, instead of the 445 they used to list. But I think that weight was a bit off anyway, given the "wet weight" the magazines were giving. I expect 463 dry is more accurate.

Oh, and the ZZR1200 is one gorgeous bike as far as I'm concerned.
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