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Tyre confusion

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Hi all, about to take delivery of my new to me, 2002 Mean Streak 1500.

I want to fit new tyres when I get it, along with full service, just something I like to do.

But I'm confused about tyres for the Meanie?

My riding will be fairly sedate, mostly just me (140kg)

My main requirement is good grip when cornering, tread life isn't a concern as I will probably only be doing a few thousand km each year.

So: Can I fit sport bike tyres like the Pirelli Diablo to the meanie? here in NZ these are by far the most common tyres, can find sport/touring, but no cruiser tyres in the sizes I want. 120/70/17 front and 180 or 190 rear.
I figure even sportbike tyres will do 5000km of riding on main roads.

What do you guys think? Its mainly Diablo/Bridgestone/Michelin/Shinko here in NZ.

Cheers all
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Thanks guys, maybe I'm overthinking it, but there seems to be very little room for error with the load index required for these Meanstreak tires?
I live in New Zealand, so very limited choice for tyres. Certainly nothing like the range you could get in the USA. I can get a set of Michelin Pilot Power 3 tyres, or Road 6, Bridgestone Batalax etc..vast majority are sports tires, but my concern is load index. These tyres are all quite similar with this.
Okay. Meanstreak weighs 290kg dry. Say 310kg ( or 680 lbs) add me, at 135kg (297 lbs) and we have an all up weight of 980 pounds give or take a few. To me this is pretty damn close to tyre limits?
Am I overthinking it? Do tire manufacturers quote much lower weights than their tires will cope with?
I would have to order 'heavier duty cruiser tires" in from overseas as NZ has a small motorcycle tyre market, we only have 4 million people. That would make tyres horrendously expensive. As it is a set of normal sports tyres will set me back approx $600 without fitting.
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Cheers, most rear tires seem to have approx 350KG rating it seems, been looking at the Shinko 777 for cruisers, but they seem to have pretty poor reviews/high failure rate. A sport tourer tire will probably be what I purchase, like a Battlax etc,here in New Zealand we have a strictly enforced 60MPH speed limit, and low footpegs, so the tyres won't be getting worked hard. Can get a Metzeler 888 here for just on $600 for rear tyre only, pretty expensive. I'm not interested in fitting a car tyre, longevity isn't really important..just seems strange about weight limits, there must be thousands of heavy cruisers worldwide running on the limit of their tyres...thanks
Avon Storm 3D X-M They say these are for GSX1400 etc etc, so should cope with Meanstreak okay, may be a good option. None in original size but can go the 120/180 or 190 route
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Well ended up buying a Michelin Road 6 in 190/55-17, and a Bridgestone radial they use for Goldwings for the front. Not fitted yet, because they wanted $200 to fit them, and that's with just the wheels and no bike! Will post a pic when they are fitted. Cheers guys
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