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Anyone have the Tourmaster Cortech pants, and if so how do you like them? :?

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I've had mine for about 9 months. They were a litlle hot when it got into the upper 90's this summer. There isn't any venting but then I don't think they were intended for the extreme heat. My most recent trip took them through the hills in a heavy thunderstorm. You know the ones where it becomes dark as midnight at 3pm, with hail, gust's, and copious amounts of rain!
My only complaint was that I was cold on the top of my thighs. I WAS DRY, HOWEVER. I had Levis underneath and I think if I would have dressed for the cold rain (upper 30's) I would have been fine. Damn Thunderstorm sat over the twisties for an hour plus (well it seemed that long).

Ease of use: great.
Protection: very good. I like the hip pads.
Price: not bad considering if I want to match my Marsee jacket the pants would cost $325.00
The left thigh pocket is VERY handy. The regular pockets are DEEP.
The velcro at the bottom of the legs works real well to kill any draft. Velcro up the sides stays put over the zipper.

I would like to see top-side thigh pads added, but no pants that I've seen have this anyway.
I think they are well built and I'd buy'em again, but since they won't connect to my new jacket, I may hit Santa up in a few years for those more expesive Marsee's. (I don't think they have the hip protection though, so that sucks).

Don't think you'll be sorry with the Tourmasters.
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