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Took the FZ1 to Deal's Gap

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I finished off the break-in period on the new FZ1 with a 3-day trip to Deal's Gap and the Cherohala Skyway this past weekend. The bike was comfortable, ran flawlessly, and averaged 48 MPG for the 727 mile trip. One tank returned 51 MPG. Neither of us got bit by the Dragon and the weather was great except for Sunday. There was a light rain and very thick fog at around 5000 ft. elevation on the Skyway.

Here's a picture of the bike at the beginning of the Tail of the Dragon, one at the overlook, and one of it and my buddy's VFR at the other end. :)
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Cool pics..............looks like a nice weekend. Great gas mileage but if you re-jet with Ivans you will lose about 8-10 a gallon. Have you had your carbs out yet and checked your specs? A lot of bikes have been off in the float and A/F screw adjustment. It also looks as if you still have the AIS in place. Removing this will allow easy access to the topend.......this was a much needed mod ....very glad I removed it.
Did you have to wait up a lot for the VFR?:killingme
The skunk bike looks so cool...........are we going with a carbon or Ti exhaust in standard or high mount?:glassesti
You don't need to install a jet kit but I will bet you your floats are off and the A/F screws are not the same. Pulling the carbs is about a 15-20 minute ordeal and will really smooth the bike out. Checking the floats is about another 30 minutes and you can change the floatbowl screws to allen heads for future ease. If you install a open exhaust you will probably need to rejet or at least open up the A/F screws. I've had my carbs off at least a dozen times with fine tuning Ivan's kit. Go with the Holeshot AIS kit .....it was simple and no drilling required. It took about 1.5 hrs to install because you have to drain the radiator. Now worming the AIS pump and tenticals out is a art in it's own. You will just have to figure it out as you go ....it's almost like a Rubic's cube. It looks like it belongs in a Alien movie when you see it:smokin:
I do like the paint on your bike...:headbang:
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Berto said:
hey Vern, 'bout time ya got it broken in. ;) Sounds like a good trip.

In your opinion, what are the likes/dislikes compared to your Z1000?
Betro for some reason I can see you on a FZ1........it's just like your 7S only more grunt and better suspension than the stock 7S setup. If you have'nt bought a new bike by ROTR4 you will have plenty of demo's...Z1,FZ1, SV1000.:wavehand:
Actually there is a mod you can do to the stock fizzy seat to lower you's a$$. I agree with Vern but I did like the digital guage although I never played with all the buttons that were on it......and you could tell if you left a blinker on because of the instruments lights being LED's. Hell like I said if I had the money I would have another Z1000 just because it was such a cool and fun bike to ride. I have'nt seen the new matt silver Z .... but the orange sure catches your eye. The black Z would look better with gold accents and gold wheels........I never could get used to that red seat. The fizzy also has more leg room and a clunky trans compared to the Z.:smokin:
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