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Took the FZ1 to Deal's Gap

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I finished off the break-in period on the new FZ1 with a 3-day trip to Deal's Gap and the Cherohala Skyway this past weekend. The bike was comfortable, ran flawlessly, and averaged 48 MPG for the 727 mile trip. One tank returned 51 MPG. Neither of us got bit by the Dragon and the weather was great except for Sunday. There was a light rain and very thick fog at around 5000 ft. elevation on the Skyway.

Here's a picture of the bike at the beginning of the Tail of the Dragon, one at the overlook, and one of it and my buddy's VFR at the other end. :)
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hey Vern, 'bout time ya got it broken in. ;) Sounds like a good trip.

In your opinion, what are the likes/dislikes compared to your Z1000?
fade said:

Betro for some reason I can see you on a FZ1........it's just like your 7S only more grunt and better suspension than the stock 7S setup.
I won't argue that though I have taken care of the suspension part already - huge difference.

My issue was being on the low side of 5'8" and the reach was just a little beyond what I wanted. Wonder if a Corbin or Sargent would take care of that.

Oh, thanks Vern, that's some good unbiased input from someone who has owned both - not like some other fella roaming around this forum. :rolleyes:
Truth is I don't need a liter bike, yet, you know... :mouthwate

The ZR-7 just works for me and I would be kicking myself in the arse if I got rid of her, maybe a little homely, but always there when ya need her and always willing to play. :mwink:

If 2up was my bag I would definitely be looking at the FZ1, more so than the Z1.

Hell, maybe I could swing all 3!! Utah, here I come!! :thinkerg:
Tom Bozeman said:
Keep that thought and hang tough Bert. Because if you should one day get a litre bike..............
Could a had a green bike if I wanted, but I didn't want a green one. ;)
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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