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Just came back from a great ride in Central Florida. Sorry, I do not have pictures this time. This was actually my first long ride, and my first time riding with my friend and his ZZR600. The total trip was about 110 miles, basically all rural. Believe it or not there were quite a few twisties and hills along this route. Most of the speed limits posted were between 40-60, but the majority of the route provided opportunities to really "enjoy" the 650R. There were very few cars or obstacles. Keeping up with the ZZR600 was not too challenging. I think he was little more comfortable with his bike, than I was with mine. I rode within my limits.

One of the highlights of the ride, was when we made a pit stop, and a group of about 12 LEOs, on bikes, passed by us. Surprisingly the majority of them either waved or chirped his/her siren. These were basically the only LEOs we spotted on the trip, other than the smaller communities we passed through.

If you are from Florida and familiar with the area, here is part of route we took:
We started out from Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. From there we when went behind the park and made a left onto Reams Rd. From Reams we made a left onto Lake Hancock/Siedel Rd. We rode for about 5 miles until we reach County Rd 545/ Avalon Rd, and then we made a right. We stayed on this rode until we reached Winter Garden. There we had lunch at the Winter Garden Pizza Company. They a had a great lunch special of 2 slices of pizza and a drink for around $6.00.

All in all, it was a great trip. I had the opportunity to practice taking corners and leaning. There are still quite a few "Chicken Strips" on my tires, but I think this will be a great route in which to practice and work on these strips.

I promise to provide picture and maybe video on my next trip.

(For owners of 2009 or later 650R, as far as mpg goes: I started with a full tank and when I got home I still have 2 bars on the dash) I will know what my actually mpg are the next time I get a fillup.
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