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Time for a new bike...

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...and time to let the Connie go. Since we don't have much Connie traffic on this forum, I'll just make this my classified in case someone sees and wants this bike. I'll also post over at COG and zggtr, but I really don't expect to get a buyer; probably have to trade.

This is a 2011 holdover bike I bought NEW in October 2105, so it still has just over 2 years of factory warranty remaining. It has 5301 miles on the clock and comes with the following stuff that I can't/won't take off the bike:

  • ECU flash by Steve Sefsick (Steve in Sunny Florida)
  • Tech Spec full 14-pc snakeskin set
  • Fenda Extenda
  • Grab-On grip covers

I also have the following accessories that could be made available as part of a deal for the bike; if not, then they will be sold separately:

  • Area P carbon fiber slip on with 263 miles on it
  • Cee Bailey Ultra Tour Dome clear
  • Puig light smoke touring screen
  • Full compliment of LED blinker and city light lamps with spares and two flasher relays
  • Evitek LED headlamps
  • Philips X-tremeVision headlight bulbs
  • Heli-Bars Pilot risers (RAM ball and Powerlet socket)
  • PIAA dual horn kit with mounting bracket and wiring harness
  • AST helmet locks
  • Factory service manual

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Daddyflip just curious about the test rides. I assume these were all (new) untitled motorycles. How many miles were on each bike when you given the keys?
I wondered if perhaps the mileage they had on them might correlate to what you've found. And to some extent there is. Someone else here posted a few months ago about a Ducati dealership where they seemed pretty desperate to sell. I don't recall exactly, but it seemed like the salespeople were like "oh looking at xxxx...here's the keys".

The R1200R for at least 1 person rode (probably 2) that and didn't buy it. At least one person test rode the Xdiavel and didn't buy it. And it's interesting that overall they're functional motorcycle (it's not like they're useless junk) it didn't scream out to them or you buy me! Now there's at least two people that have ridden and were just sort of meh.

My bike had 1 mile on it when I test rode it. I test rode it 2-3 and she had her hooks in me. 19,200 miles as of today she still has her hooks in me. I don't know, it seems kind of weird if the Tuono was the right bike for you, it should've be in your garage. Cause if it was then what were you waiting for? You're still thinking there could be something better. See what I'm saying?

As far as the super duke and it's styling I totally agree with you. To be fair, not much for adventure bike styling to begin with. I know and appreciate we all can have different taste, but maybe that's the reason it's called duke .
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Daddyflip maybe that's part of the... problem? Now I'm seeing the bigger picture. You want an all arounder than does some thing particularly well. What that thing is? No one really knows... most importantly yourself. And that's the thing. All arounders only do all around well.

Someone that has multiple bikes should look more towards specialization and not general purpose. That'd be like having a toolchest full of 12 different brands of 10mm box wrenches (only 10mm...no other sizes). Granted, that snap-ons thinner neck comes in handy once in a while, and the craftsman is great for everyday use. But you don't need 12 different brands of the same wrench. You'd benefit much more greatly from having 1 brand and many sizes. Like you said, except for age your 750 and a R1200 are basically the same thing. But then I see that sort of in all the motorcycles you're interested. And then when I hear you talk about the Tuono, what I hear mostly is that it's the most different from the rest and what you have. This makes sense, because you're after something different.

Maybe it's not the Connie you need to change. Maybe it's the 750.
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The S1000R seems like it would be a good choice for what you're seeking. IMO the 2nd best looking bike in your list, to the Tuono. One thing I like about the Aprillia is the loud styling.

I'm sure somehow seat comfort can be addressed, whether it's changes to the bike, padded riding shorts, exercise, etc. I can imagine S1000R fulfilling the needs for some excitement and performance much like the Tuono. I don't know where either stand on reliability or maintenance expenses. I would think BMW would be more reliable than Aprillia and probably more parts availability and service options but in overall reliability ratings BMW does not fair too well.
What does this have to do with anything being discussed?

My fictional new garage of bikes after winning a multi-millions lottery:

1. A 1959 Harley tourer and a 1959 Moto Guzzi racer (the year I was born). New Harleys are boring, especially because of the hundreds around here.

2. New automatic scooter for around town, probably a 125cc Kawasaki or taller 150cc Yamaha.

3. New Kawasaki 450cc motocross bike converted to a supermoto.

4. Major customization for the 2 bikes I have now- 2002 Honda 600cc cruiser and 2008 Kawasaki ZZR600 sport-tourer.

5. New Triumph Rocket III Touring with cruise control, supercharger, better suspension added.

6. New KTM 390 rebuilt for paved track days.

7. 1970s Husky 450cc 2-stroke motocross bike for riding dirt.

7. Probably 6 to 12 more, after I go to Daytona bike week and test ride several new bikes.
Stand down this time Vic; I like this post. First, who hasn't had a fictional garage? Second, I wouldn't mind one of each of the bikes I tested last week, even the ones I didn't really like. Third, if I won the multi-millions lottery, one of three things would happen:

  1. I would just buy at least one of everything.
  2. I would have something else on my mind other than bikes and wouldn't buy anything.
  3. My wife would take all the money and wouldn't let me buy anything

Thanks zzr for contributing something fun, interesting, and personal in my thread!:agree:
First it's not your thread. You don't own it. Second you don't make any rules. Third you don't enforce any rules. Fourth if he can post a grocery list I can ask a question about why he posted it. So you can ask me about my post or whatever but that's it.

There's nothing thoughtful in that post at all regarding the thread or topic. It's just his list of stuff. Not even why he would want them over some other comparable motorcycle. It's a grocery list.

If that's what you really want out of this forum keep encouraging it. Cause it's what you're going to get. A bunch of mindless tweets, or how did you put it the other day "PSAs".
I like cheese.
Hundreds around here. Taller 150cc Yamaha. 6 to 12 more.
Some people don't like the matte black of the SE, but I love the complete blacked out look, the tinted hydraulic reservoirs and the M50 Brembos. After sitting on the H2 and riding the GT, the ZX14 is all day comfortable- I like it better than the C14. They have a good price too. No I didn't get to ride and didn't beg because I had other things I wanted to do on this trip.
LOL wait until you ride one. When you crack the throttle open, you will realize how non-sedate this bike is. It's not just a rebadged C14 with different bodywork that you already know. Keep in mind, it's still the fastest professionally tested stock gasoline bike in the 1/4 mile and well it's no slouch up top either. It can also get around a corner. as far as all day comfort, you need to be in decent riding shape for that... not supporting your upper body with your core will leave your wrist hurting. It's only as sedate as the rider.

And yes, what you said about H2 is true. Again, what I said a very long time ago it's a bike that doesn't really make sense. It's basically a liter bike zx14r with seating for one and even uglier exhaust.
"First it's not your thread. You don't own it. Second you don't make any rules. Third you don't enforce any rules."

I do not think Vic is a moderator here.

"There's nothing thoughtful in that post at all regarding the thread or topic. It's a grocery list."

I have thought about this list for years. It includes thought about time for a new bike. You have posts here about zero new bikes, just childish whining.

"A bunch of mindless tweets, or how did you put it the other day "PSAs"."

Some of your posts here are even more mindless, with a very miserable tone.

My advice is to ignore my posts if you do not like them, and leave moderating to the moderators.
You actually expressed some of your own thoughts (well still a bit copy and paste but at least not a wikipedia article)! No wonder Hillbillykat liked it. You get a gold star for the day!
...don't make me turn this forum around, children.
What rules are being violated that there's anything to "turn around"?
Coincidentally, the guy was from Magna.

The wreck had nothing to do with his choice of bike, though.
You say that but are you sure? If for example, he was on a sportbike perhaps he could've reacted to the car he hit the fender and maneuvered? It's much more difficult to maneuver a bike that has comfy suspension and weighs 700 lbs and a Cadillac wheelbase.

Certainly when it comes to the last iota of safety, relative to prevailent ABS madness these days, a well handling bike compared to a log has to be a signficantly greater factor than ABS.
I am sure. Everything in twa's signature line is what matters as long as whatever bike one has chosen is street legal and in good working order. Otherwise, we all would have to choose the same bike with bleeding edge acceleration, braking, handling capabilities just to increase, on paper, our chance to avoid an incident. Not possible. Most people on the road wouldn't have the skill to take advantage of the bleeding edge specifications anyway because they would be riding beyond their capabilities. Some things can't be avoided. The article makes no mention of the type of bike, but does mention that there was no helmet. Does not mention if no helmet was a deciding factor in the outcome. It was really a weak story and I don't want to say anything to disparage the deceased because it could happen to anyone at anytime, no matter the skill or bike.
The video shows the bike. It's looks fairly cruiser-like, although I don't know make/model. Agreed, most accidents are combination of a few things going wrong at just the right time.

My gut feelings on this accident tells me the guy wasn't paying attention. And that's my point. If he had been on something more sporty, a N1000, he may have MADE it past the car he ended up hitting.

I like your new bike. I've always liked (most) Harley's styling. But you have to admit, that bike is far from optimal in many ways in terms of safety. It's not going to turn very well or responsive. As RC's pointed out, it's got tiny tires and tiny brakes, so it's not going to stop very well. I'm sure it's got soft suspension, that's a minus to boot. It's 600lbs (stock). It's not going to accelerate particularly well. But I'm more performance minded, and that's where Harley and I go our separate ways.

I don't even know where to start with your statement about the bike not mattering. All motorcycles are not created equal just because their in operating condition. A motorcycle that can stop in 120 feet from 60 has many advantages over one that takes 150 feet. If I have to tell you that, you're thinking in your own little world and not the one everyone else is. If I also have to tell you that somtimes you need to accelerate for safety, and that indeed, sometimes faster is better, you're in your own little world.

Now don't get me wrong. I understand performance like anything else can, and is abused. But it's no worse when that happens than when some dude goes out crusing around the country side and turns their brain off.
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Right O. For most of us, we don't have to worry about ourselves. It's all the other idiots and animals and what not.
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