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Throttle Grip Adjustment HELP!

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I notice some slack, play in my throttle grip. I want to tighten it up at the grip. I noticed where the throttle cable meets the grip, there is no adjustment nut like you would normally find on other bikes.

Can someone please tell me how to get rid of the slack in my throttle grip?
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Throttle adjustment

Page 55 in my manual. Lossen the lock nut, turn the adjusting screw. 2 to 4 mm of play. One cable opens the carb, the other closes. In the past bikes had one cable only. Sometimes the whole assembly would turn on the bar and prevent the front brake from engaging. Sometimes the throttle slides would not close. Especially in colder climates. Needed to open and close the throttle to check before firing.
Crusty Snippets
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