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Thinking of going Green

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Good day. As an introduction I am an old fart that has been riding since 1970.
My last Kawasaki was a Z1 900 which I purchased in 1973.
Please don't throw rocks but I currently tour on a Yamaha FJR.
I took that bike on a 6000 km ride this past summer from British Columbia to parts of eastern Canada
However I am thinking seriously of changing the stable to green and purchasing a H2 SE+.
First mod would be a Brocks Performance exhaust and air filter with a reflash.
My only concern is fuel range with the 19 lit tank.
On my trip East at times I used almost all of the 25 lit in the FJR.
Can anyone here give me an idea of the fuel range available with the bike in stock form?
Thanks and as the add of old said.

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