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Thinking about a Concours 1400

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Howdy fellas. I used to have a Ninja 1000 and hung out on that page.

Got a Yamaha RZ09 now and love it. Would like to get a good 2 up machine so I can take the wife along.

I sold the Ninja to a gentleman who also has a 2011 Concours.

We hooked up for a ride last summer and I had a hard time keeping up with him on his Concours.

To say the least I was impressed. And yes he is a very good rider but it was more than just talent.

Any ways would love to hear from you folks who own one.

Thanks guys.
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If you are slicing up interstates, 500-700 miles at a time, in four seasons, and you do it alot, then yes. Any other circumstance, I say no. I'm at 5500 miles on mine and I'm already bored with it. It puts me to sleep in deep south summertime for sure. It's just too heavy and has a total lack of drama, which has its place, but not in a motorcycle for me. I much prefer my little ZR7 for up to 500 mile days in three seasons. I'm trading the C14 on something totally impractical to get the drama back.
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That's what I thought, too. And I was not disappointed.
Yes, it all depends on the conditions and your disposition.
I will say I had a good 300 mile round trip via highway and interstate to go look at bikes. C14 cruises easily at 80mph and is totally confidence inspiring and comfortable. At my height (6-3), though, I get tired of the OE windscreen. The air is funneled right to the base of my helmet and it's just loud. No buffeting or pressure; just noise. I took a test ride this morning without no screen at all and it was perfect. Zero wind blast or turbulence and totally clean air. This convinced me that if I keep the C14 I will be cutting down an OE screen and/or ordering one of those Copper Dawg screens.

And I got 46mpg on the trip.
I think there is. There is a sensation of speed that's missing on the C14 (I can't say on the ZX14... yet). Because it's heavy and over-faired? I don't know. The best way I can describe it is 80 on the C14 feels like 60 in my Taurus with the window rolled down. It really is that sedate when it has reached cruising speed. I can comfortably stand up on the pegs at that speed, not that I recommend it or endorse the practice. It is just a different sensation. And it's probably a very subjective feeling - kinda like taste buds. I would be willing to bet the 1000 is more fun/thrilling to ride at 80 because the sensation/awareness of speed is greater... less fairing, less windscreen, 200 pounds lighter, etc.
@Vic... for the record, I was comparing the OE weight of the N1k (509 lbs) to the OE weight of the C14 (690 lbs). That's a difference of 191 lbs; very nearly 200 lbs., which has a major effect on how much of the road you experience. The faired frontal area of the C14 dwarfs that of the N1k; there is no comparison. The OE windscreen on a C14 is twice as wide as that on the N1k and twice as tall as that on the ZX14. In addition, the mirrors on a C14 deflect wind from the hands and arms that the N1k and ZX14 do not. It has an impact on how much of the wind you experience. As speed increases, the C14 engine is just coming into its comfort zone and actually gets smoother and quieter as speed gets in the 80-100mph range. It's backwards from everything else. It's like the Concorde or SR-71 Blackbird; planes that are designed to fly supersonic are built so their body panels expand. Regular planes would blow apart.

You are right that the difference in the N1k and ZX14 is closer to 80 lbs. So we might say that the C14 is not a rebranded/repackaged ZX14. But again, FTR, I am considering one.
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Heh, heh, heh. I wager there's not a C14 owner/operator who will agree with you. And it is a dimensional time shift that causes it, brought on by the mad powah of KiPASS!

It's not a relative sensation, like how you feel walking into an air conditioned room after being out in the heat and humidity all day, versus just being in that room all day long. It's specific and inherent to the C14. Wait, I know... It's a Connie thing; you wouldn't understand.
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Not to mention you can do 100+ with 9 years of factory warranty. It'll do it.
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