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The rabbit hole of old bike repair.....

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Purchased a 1983 KZ1100 LTD model L a couple of years ago. It seemed to be just fine. However, "issues" started popping up. Little things, like "How did this oily stuff get sprayed on my left pant leg?" "Why is it taking so long for throttle response?" These things I ignored because it was riding season! One must ride when one can... Well, parked the bike and neglected to do anything for storage. About 2 weeks ago, I decided it was time to get the bike fired up. It started but it sure didn't like it. It popped, sputtered, and backfired into the carbs. No big deal. Drained all the gas from the carbs and tank. Fired it up again... not much better.... Got the old guy running and then I noticed oil pooling on the top fins on the left side of the engine. The cam plugs on that side were leaking. Anyway, the valve cover was pulled along with the cam plugs. Still waiting for a valve gasket and cam plugs. While waiting I thought it was a good opportunity to clean the carbs. Watched tons of videos on carb cleaning since I hadn't done one since 1982. Thinking I was well prepared I opened up all four carbs. The bowls all had mud like goo in them. But, there weren't any signs of varnish or crud in the jets or the fuel supply... Only thing that caught my attention was the make-shift fuel screens. Yikes! So, more parts on order. Valve cover gasket, cam plugs, air filter pods, carb holders, fuel screens, and all new fuel and vacuum lines. While I am still waiting for things, mainly the valve cover gasket, I changed out the primary wires as they are nearly 40 years-old too.... Down this rabbit hole until I find the rabbit!!!
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Rubber cam caps last a long time. How do the billet aluminum caps seal?, with an o-ring or with silicone?

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