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Hey folks. I haven't posted here in a while--too busy exploring north Georgia's wonderful back roads, I guess. I can heartily recommend the Blood Triangle, which I think is named after nearby Blood Mtn., not the many squids and other unfortunates who part company with their bikes around here. The Triangle consists of GA rt. 60, GA rt. 180, and U.S. 129--all wonderful.
Anyway, I've tallied 11,000 miles now and am wondering when I should think about changing the chain. Any warning signs to look out for? Also, should the sprockets be changed at the same time? Both front and rear? Any wisdom is greatly appreciated.
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here's a simple test;
put the bike on it's center stand. go the the back of the rear sprocket and pull the chain away from the sprocket. if you can see a gap between the chain and sprocket it's done.

it may need replacement earlier but this is a sure sign. another is if it's adjusted properly but still makes popping noises when downshifting/decellerating.

when replacing it, it's usually a good idea to replace both sprockets and the chain at the same time. they all wear together and a full new set provides the best fit. also, i think martin mentioned getting steel instead of aluminum. aluminum sprockets wear faster and the aluminum oxide dust that flakes off of them eats your chain.

11,000! congrats!

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I was wondering that the other day. I looked up recommended mileage in the book, but there isn't one (it's hard to put a mileage on a chain since everyone rides different). I have noticed a red residue on the chain and that's a sign of the factory grease coming through the o-rings. I haven't noticed any big amount of chain streatch from the day I bought the bike. I have over 16,000 miles on the stock chain. At about 13,000 miles I changed the rear tire and while I had the wheel off, I checked the rear sprocket and it was just showing wear, so I took it off and flipped it over so the teeth wouldn't all wear one way.

The chain wear inspection in the book says:
1. Remove the chain cover
2. Turn the wheel to inspect the drive chain for damaged rollers or loose pins. Any irregularity, replace the chain.
3. Streatch the chain by hanging a 10 kg weight on the chain (the picture shows it hanging below the swing arm, centered between the sprockets).
4. Measure the length of 20 links on the straight part of the chain (the book shows the measurement is taken above the swing arm).

Standard for 20 links is 317.5-318.2 mm (12.50-12.53 in).
Service limit for 20 links is 323mm (12.7 in).
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