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Hello all. Sorry have not had much to say since making decision to pull out of a new bike purchase last year.

However, there is one person I didn't count on. My son Jay. He made a noble attempt to resurrect a Ducati 900 monster, but a few things paused that. Firstly a cracked Stator cover who's replacement cost is Silly, and really drags down the justification for this particular bike to be further fixed up(and of course further cost).

That was near 2 years ago.

Recently, he came upon a 2005 CBR600RR. Yeah. I know, right? Well it's in road ready condition. Miles on the bike. But, under 8k on its rebuilt engine. Mods were made.

Now Jay is a qualified mechanic. His day job is running a yard for heavy equipment, from road resurfacing machinery to you name it. The company has contracts with NY state I believe idk, maybe just the city??, he runs the yard the machines are kept and serviced. He does a lot of driving while at work moving equipment around the city.

He's also a great tinkerer(real word?). In other words, he's not happy unless he's re-building another vehicle. Cars, trucks...but Man you should see some of his bikes! He had a pair of Suzuki's. DRZ-400 I think. One he transformed into something resembles a Transformer! Lol. Back lit translucent fuel tank on that one was Golden! Ha.

So anyway, now he has this 05 600. An RR. But, clip ons are gone, replaced by a bar. Original fairing parts some scuffing. Serious ground down pegs. Yes. It was used for stunting.

Ok. Ok. Easy now, settle Down!

Frame is Good.

My boy is restoring the original sprocket, thank the Lord. Probably changing the bar, but keeping a bar...Way different from OEM clip on the were mounted Below the triple. Now it gets better. Whole new fairing kit. Black. LED Lights. New outer parts, like those pegs. Has a new exhaust and power comander on already, think he said. We spoke today.

So, this thing should look pretty sharp when he's done.

Oh did I mention his two Harleys he has, and the 2nd hand Chevy Suburban he's working on too? Kid never rests! I swear.

And, he's ridden the CBR. So it's not as if he's fixing up a wreck.

He sent me some pics. And pics of fairing kit...it is very sweet.

Now comes Me. I turned 60 this year. But I've managed to get into and keep myself fit. I've ridden on and off since the 2000 ZR-7 with over 30k on it struck Doe Dear on the down slope of that really nice mountain during a much earlier ROTR. Last time was on that DRZ. But I've ridden a rather brutally modified CBR1000. That was fun. Scary but fun. Not a fan of the steering damper. Ha. This bike needed it. That was an old friend of Jay's who Owen the 1000. A new Yami 600 gixer. That was too fun, and too easy hittin 150...if I remember correct. I was like, huh. 6th gear...looks down finally to glimpse speedo...HOLY CRAP...ha ha.

So this bike will needs some Real Come to Jesus conversations with myself. Is that even possible.

Though that deer strike was my only accident in 3 years of nonstop riding, I must consider the ZR had stock, 75hp. I had a full blown stage1 upgrade. Carbs, exhaust, even timing advance. Maybe 80hp+. Of course that bike had the most beautiful mid rush. The tourqe was very nice on that bike. 3rd gear roll ons 30mph-90mph was its forte'.

The CBR stock is 115hp. Of course that engine has to wring out that type of power via its 15000 rpm recline. LOL. 15k recline. Lordy. But of course it can be ridden civil like. And, the bar should be quite different from stock clips. No, not as RRer as intended. But my aging husk will appreciate the bar.

Well folks, that's my story. I'm approaching Very easy. I do like the size of the bike. It's midsized like me. I should fit it well, and vice versa.

So, I hope to be updating once the weather turns. Don't expect me for ROTR's though. Ha ha. No matter what, I don't see this as any sort of long distance bike. Lol.

If I ever Do get that gsx-s1000, THEN you'll see me down there again. But that one' s gonna cost a tid bit more.馃檪
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My 2000 ZR7 had a two brothers exhaust. Why do I think it's not quite the same... I think it's a knock off company made that one. Not just a slip on tho. It connects further down the line.

Hey! It's the first I've seen this bike in the flesh. Can't ride it yet either. Needs a couple more things, rear tire not being the least of them. I'm not going to ask why there's White showing down the center of it! But I won't be going thru tires. Lol Tire Wheel Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle
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The new plastics are nice. A flat black. Very stealth. That I like. I'll get better shots soon.
But I should be on it by Spring.

I currently own a helmet and a light rider jacket.

I'm investing in another all year jacket, pants, boots, gloves. Probably a small tail bag.

Bike needs tire, rear sprocket and chain, and that'll do it.

Those things and a Legal Plate slapped under that exhaust tip !
Oh, last thing, sorry. Out east from my home ate where the White Tail Deer roam.

Yeah. You know, the large North American land animal that has the tendency to bound out into your path and give you those big Doe Eyes caught in your headlight.

No animals will be hurt ing this croch rocket in the making of all my future rides. Period. Repeat after me....
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