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Any of you have recommendations for textile overpants? I've been wearing the Joe Rocket Ballistic overpants for 4 months now but the right leg zipper is starting to seperate after it's zipped up and it's a pain in the @ss.

The dealer I bought them from is going to give me a new pair in exchange, but it's got such a delicate zipper I'm reluctant to own another pair. I can trade the new pair up and pay the difference, so does anyone have any recommendations? I'm considering First Gear and Tour Master, but I'm open to any suggestions.


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I got a pair of the Voyager Ax Pants by Motoport ($170). 620 denier, wind/water proof, big reflective strips on the legs, easy on/off over boots/jeans, sturdy zippers, lots of padding in the thighs/knees/shins, comfy, and rubber coated buttons on the flap that snaps over the belt so u don't scratch the tank.

I always wear them with full gear and have never had a problem with them being too hot. They've been thru 90 degree summer days and plenty of rain.

Unfortunately it's hard to find a local dealer that has them to try on. Motoport is big in Europe, less so in the US. I believe they have a factory/showroom/HQ in southern California. I bought mine sight unseen on recommendation from my boss. No regrets.

The main website motoport.com is down for maintenance, but you can find info here:

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When I bought the bike I also got these. I've dropped @ 85mph on pavement in Levis. Not good!

Tour Master Cortech Pants. Cost me $180.00

Heres the write up blurb:

Sized to fit over pants for comfort and easy dressing. Dual density removable armor: One piece pre-curved knee and shin armor; special shaped nylon covered hip armor. 500 denier DuPont Condura Plus at waist area, front and back of thighs, back of calves. Double stitched seam construction. Three easy access pockets. Double wind flap, full length 2-way zippers with velcro closure.

Bottom line: These are great. You stay warm and dry. I took them through some good coastal rain and they worked to perfection. Pair of shorts or sweats underneath, on a hot day and your set. Wore them back in the valley when it was in the 90's and they were the least of my heat problems. (Jacket is very heavy leather.) I still cringe when I see people riding in shorts, though I do go to work in jeans, if it's realy nice and warm in the morning. Always wear'em at night or for off the beaten path rides i.e not just to and from work.

These are very sturdy. Pockets are deep and the thigh pocket is cool! Zippers aren't a problem either. Easy on and off. Unless you get a one-piece outfit or can afford leather racing gear these work. I'd probably get them again. I haven't seen anything better in the shops to sway me otherwise. They are very comfortable.

FWIW, I also have a Tour Master soft bag that has the bunji's (sp) attached. Thing is awsome. Don't own anything else from that company. Not sure about their Jackets.
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