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SV650s 2001 Loss of Power and Knocking Noise

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I was riding my SV650s 2001 home from work last night and I suddenly lost power and a knocking noise developed from the engine, the higher the revs the more knocking…Just wondering if anybody has a clue what this could be or any tests I should do to diagnose the problem.

In order to help narrow the search down I will add that the bike has just over 32,000 miles on it, I had the carbs balanced last week and last gave the bike a full service 2000 miles ago, oil, oil filter, air filter and plugs. There was no metal apparent in the oil and the spark plugs looked to have been burning clean…I have also already checked the current oil level which appears fine.

Many thanks in advance.
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That could be a number of things really. What is the bikes mileage? Is it smoking at all? Is it still firing on both cylinders? Can you tell which area of the engine the knock is coming from? Front/back cylinder and top or bottom of engine?

My initial instinct suspects your big end bearings could be shot but could do with a bit more information. How much power has it lost? 50%/60%? etc Click here
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