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I have a bunch of take off parts from a 2007 Suzuki SV650 if anyone is interested. Currently located in Phoenix, AZ
Also willing to ship at your expense as well.

Leo Vince SBK Slip on muffler--$200
"N" round style headlight and shrouds--$75
HotBodies Undertail--$50
Passenger pegs with mounts--$50
Rear grab bar--$30
Few random odds and ends....$1,000,000,000

SO! If anyone here has a SV650 or SV1000 shoot me a PM and we can go over what you may desire. I'd be more then happy to send any pics and info. PayPal is best for me unless you are local cash is king.

image3.jpeg image14.jpeg image12.jpeg image10.jpeg image9.jpeg
Thanks all
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