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Hi everyone!
I've just scored a 14' N1K a few weeks ago and an 1800 mile trip to the Smokies starts next week. I have a hard time finding any recommended suspension setup for two up riding.
I'm 190 geared up, my passenger is about 150, plus the luggage set packed weighing in around 50 Lbs, we're looking at just shy of $400 Lbs. Anyone of you have a trusted setup or educated opinion on how to make the best out of the OEM suspension? I'm fully aware that the springs are not suited for this and if I had time I would tinker with it or hire a professional, but I'm in a time crunch for now to get a decent setup.
The only post I could find was on a different forum with the following setup:
" i have adjust suspension with a pro...for 90% ride with passenger
me= 210 lbs
passenger= 140 lbs

the final setup is

front preload= 5.5 turn in
front rebound= full in ( 0 turn out _
front compressiom = 2.5 turn out

rear preload= full in ( 40 click in )
rear rebound= .75 turn out

for you, this setting sound good ???

the guy explain when i drive without passenger, i dont touch adjustement.... only back rear preload 10 click ( 30 click in total )

I ask this because when the guy adjust my suspension.... is after 4-5 beer bottle lol
i ride the bike with my wife ( 400 miles )

it's better confortable for her, very more turn in and more confortable on rough road."

Thanks in advance!
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