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So a couple thousand miles back I dumped my '06 z750s and cracked the subthrottle (sub throttle) sensor (black) on the RH side. I picked the bike up, dusted her off and started her right off. Only things was my FI light was on the whole way home. We made it back fine and I hooked her up to read code 32. So i found the sensor, saw that it was partially cracked but not too bad. I turned the bike on and wiggled the sensor around until the light went off. Cool. Didn't think anything of it again.
Recently the light came back on, I checked the code and again 32. I did the same thing but to no avail. The bike turned on fine and ran fine. For a while. After about a thousand miles I noticed it would take longer for the starter to turn the engine over.
Then, recently some mornings the bike wouldn't turn over at all and I had to bump start it down my driveway. Usually this is only a problem in the morning and after work she turns on fine (FI light is still on). I put my battery to charge a few times and it seemed to help a bit. Except the last time I had it charging over night the bike still wouldn't start in the morning without a bump start. I was tired of bump starting so I went to my dealer and ponied up $180 w/tax for the tps sensor. I also had them check my battery and it read 60% charge with 50% battery life. They said I prob need a new battery too but that they would put it on their charger for me while I wait for my part to come in.
Picked up the sensor and the battery today. Bat came up to 88% life so I can still use it and put the tps sensor back on. She fired up right away and no more light.
I hope that was all. I'm gonna be pissed if there's a charging system problem too.
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