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Hello new friends, please help me get my daily commuter back on the road!

As the title says, I have a stumble/hesitation/misfire at low RPM (1,500 - 3,500) under light load. E.g., when accelerating gently from a stop, or when maintaining speed through a corner. It's very unnerving and dangerous feeling the power cut momentarily when you are leaned over, it feels like someone is chopping the throttle for a second, then it comes right back.

So far I have checked:
- spark plugs
- air filter
- air leaks
- throttle body sync
- compression
and all were fine. There's no smoking or weird smells or anything to indicate continuous poor mixture.

I also thought about fuel delivery, but if the filter were clogged or the pump failing, I would not expect it to be RPM specific.

I do have a pretty decent sized exhaust leak (cracked header) that sprung up late last week. Could that cause these symptoms?

Any other ideas of what I can check, please share!! And thank you!

[edit:] I know engines are not meant to run well at very low RPM. I have been using them for 20-some-odd years. ;) But this is a sharp, distinct power cut scenario that started just last week after 88k drama-free miles on this bike.
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