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Strange scratches on a brand new ZR-7s

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I have found some strange scratches on my brand new ZR-7S. The exact location is the black metal plate with that big silver round button - right above the driver's footrests. It looks like those scratches were left by moto-boots, but they are too "intensive" for boots...

Does anyone else have this plate scratched or it is just me? :((((((

Is this metal plate replaceable?

Thanks in advance,
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Andy Bajka said:

I just looked at my metal plate. It was perfect when I got my bike new about 2 months ago (now has 1,500 miles). Now it has some scuffing on it. I wear regular leather shoes. When you ride you tend to rub your foot on it.

Bottom line is, even if you go through the hassle of replacing it, it may get scuffed in a short while. So it may not be worth the hassle of getting the new part.

Thanks for the reply. When I looked at this plate yesterday more carefully, it became clear that all the scratches were done by rubbing the foot on it - all scuffing is "in a circle" - VERY likely done by the ankle protector when shifting gears.

I will be ordering the "carbon-like" adhesive film - it should not only cover the scratches, but also make bike look more beautiful :)

(I'm just crazy about those scratches, points, scuffing, etc. - for example, a timy (1mm x 1mm) "point" left by a stone made me repaint the whole windshield (fortunately, it was covered by insurance :) ).

Thanks again for the advice.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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