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Stock Dogbone Length?

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Well I'm not at my house right now or I'd measure but just wanted some input as well. There are already tons of threads about this I've been reading but figured I'd ask again.

What is the lenght of the stock dogbones center hole to center hole? I'm getting a buddy of mine to make some new dogbones for me sometime this week. The thing I'm confused about is what lenght of the dogbones will give me a 25mm rear lift? Would it be a 25mm longer dogbone or would it be 20mm longer dogbone?

Does anyone have exact measurements for a stock dogbone center hole to center hole vs 25mm lift kit dogbone center hole to center hole?

I was going to go with a 30-35mm lift but decided against it b/c I still have stock suspension up front with no damper.

Thanks for any help . . .
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So I just found this thread from Rich earth . . .

Stock OEM steel dogbone:

Hole diameter's .485"

.180" thick

1.250" width at end's of bones .780" width at middle of bones

7.25" center to center of holes

8.50" total length


Aluminum tail lifter:

Hole diameter .485" with .925" diameter countersink .185" deep

.375" thick

1.25" width straight accross

7.00" center to center of holes

8.25" total length

I was under the assumption that longer bones would raise the bike up? According to this post, he's saying that a shorter dogbone raised the tail?? I'm confused :thud:
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Yep, it's opposite of what you think... longer dogbones lower the bike, shorter ones lift it. And I don't think the ratio is 1:1, meaning 35mm of change in length does not equate to 35mm change in height.
Thanks Black Sheep, I took him a 636 dogbone that he is going to work off of. I'm getting one made shorter, I'll post up how it performs and cost in case anyone else is interested in getting one. Pretty much I told him to move the hole inwards about half the size of the hole. I'll see how that does and go from there. He told me it wasn't going to be to much money . . . :alcy:
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