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Still looking for z1000 upper triple

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anyone have the upper triple they want to sell me? let me know! PM me or e-mail me at [email protected]
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i have a complete set ill sell you if youre interested
Do you know where i can get a nice aftermarket handle bar or the stock one for the z1000 2007 please mine is bent : ) thank you
have you tried ebay. there are a few threads in the z1000 section where some members have swapped the stock bars for low bars. i think ebay is your best bet for good prices!
I LOVE EBAY but for some reason parts for this bike are harder then even ducati.I been looking for the reat tail because mine broke and nothing yet.
I just made my own bars :D
I wish i could have bought the whole set. i already have the lower triple. if i can sell my lower triple i would be jumping on that!
Neorabid, is that your posting? would you be willing to sell just the upper triple?
wes, waiting on your reply
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