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south texas 2001 bike fest

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Hello Everyone:
I just found out that I had to register again to post the message. Before I used tgo63 screen name. I live in Harlingen, South Texas. Currently there is annual bike fest event in our city. Normally it is held annually on South Padre Island, about 40 minutes ride, but this it's been moved here because of the broken bridge to the Island. About 75% of attending motorcycles are Harleys, about 20% Jap cruisers, with the rest being sport bikes and standards. I did not meet another ZR-7S. Today I took part in a rally that attracted, rough guess, about 2000 motorcycles. We met at Iwo Jima monument for a memorial service, and then rode through the city to Greyhound Race Track, the site of the bike fest. It took close to 45 minutes for all bikes to leave Iwo Jima parking lot. Let me tell you, the roar of all motorcycles with their engines running was incredible. The sound of the stock exhaust on ZR-7 is nothing to be proud of, today I decided to get aftermarket can as soon as possible. I do have some pictures from the events. My question is can I upload the pics to forum server?
Safe riding to all,
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