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Sold my bike- have some odds&ends for sale

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Sold my '01 7-S yesterday after nine years of ownership. Had not ridden in about three years and had a buyer come to me. If anyone is interested in the pictured parts, they are sold as a group- make me an offer and be sure to include at least the shipping from 71646 via UPS ground.
  • The fork tubes are perfectly straight. I did a full RaceTech rebuild in 2017 and they said they wouldn't warranty the work unless they put their own new tubes in, so I did it. Includes new seals and dust covers from All Balls.
  • Some straight upper fairing parts I got with a spare screen. The screen is good except for the four holes I drilled in the top to experiment with a homemade wind deflector. Holes don't affect performance in any way.
  • Some rear end parts from my tail tidy install. I forgot the brand of that auxiliary tail light but it's really good. I'll include the rear rack I built and mounting hardware if it is wanted. I'll include the Plano box that mounts on top if it is also wanted. Pics of this installed on the bike can be seen in my profile album.
  • Custom seat made by Loren Mock of Baldwin Motorbike Saddles made on OEM seat pan. It's a dense foam with gel pad and thigh support wings. It's also one inch higher than stock. If you are a tall rider you might like this (I'm 6'3). New in 2014 was $485 on my pan. It's always been covered and looks brand new; comfortable and supportive for all day touring. Loren's been out of business for several years, but you can find legacy info on him and his seats at several riding sites.
  • Not shown (and not found yet), I have a set of those mirror widening plates that everyone wanted for awhile. If anyone wants to call dibs now, I'll keep looking for them.

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What's next @DaddyFlip?
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