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sludgy gunk

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Was moving the bike today and went for a rip around the block, when i parked her I noticed that there was think black gunk most likely oil, all around the kick stand and on park of the plastics, what is this an indication of? I have yet to do my end of season maintenance but am worried about this now and how to take it to the shop which is a 30 min ride. thoughts?
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Do you lube/oil your chain often? If so, that's what it is.
I do regularly but it just seems like ALOT of gunk, whats the best way to clean this off the plastics?
It can be, I would switch to a better lube if that much gunk is coming off. Mine is pretty nasty too and I wipe it lightly to get excess off when I clean/lube it.

For plastics I just wipe it off with a rag and clean it normally. For the metal/bodywork/wheels I use break dust cleaner. Let it stand, then wash off, let it stand again and scrub.
okay thank you for your help!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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