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I have a Single Sided Swing Arm assembly from a 2000 VFR800FI. As you can see, the bike is still in good condition, and I ride it regularly. Rear wheel tracks straight, and I just put on a new tire and sprocket on it. Everything is in great condition. I've seen people put these Single Sided Swing Arms on just about any bike and make a pretty sweet look out of it. Im looking for $900 plus Shipping.

Whats included:

Swing arm
Rim and Tire
Suspension and linkage
Brake rotor and caliper
Basically everything attached to the swing arm from the cradle back

Im making a Reverse Trike and using this VFR as my powertrain, but I need a regular double sided swingarm to hold the extra weight. Thats the only reason Im getting rid of this.

Thanks! Post up with questions and it goes straight to my phone.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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