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Just picked up a bone stock Gen3.

Doing research and ordering parts to mod it now.

So far, I have coming:
Full exhaust
Bazazz EFI with quickshifter and traction control
Voodoo rearset
Radiator Guard
Seat cowl
Double Bubble Iridium shield
GB Racing covers
K&N Air Filter.

Will be tearing it down this week and will be getting a custom paint job when the seat cowl come in. ECU will be going to Ivan's for flash.

S22 tires just ordered. Can't wait to RIP!!!!

What's the most popular handlebar to switch too? I don't like the sweep on the stock bar so far.

Also, does Ivan's flashed ECU usually come back with a sticker to say it's been flashed? How do I know if this bike have been flashed before? I'm assuming not since it's stock exhaust.


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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